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Health Insurance


An individual or family health insurance plan covers one person, or a family, on one plan. While an individual or family health insurance policy may cost more than a group policy it is better than not having health insurance coverage at all. An unexpected illness or serious injury can ruin a family financially if they do not have some basic coverage. Most insurance companies offer the same types of managed healthcare plans to individuals that are offered to groups: HMO’s (Healthcare Maintenance Organizations), PPO’s (Preferred Provider Organizations) and POS’s (Point of Service Plan), and generally offer different level of deductibles and out of pocket expenses to keep premiums within peoples budget.  The carriers have come out with very attractive HSA’s (Health Savings Account) plans that qualify for tax exempt medical saving acounts which accumulate compounding interest just like a 401K.  You can go to www.thebancorp.com  to learn more about these attractive bank features.

We work with Aetna, Assurant, CareFirst and Golden Rule among others to provide the most affortable option.

Group Insurance

One of the toughest jobs and employer has these days is providing a group health insurance program that is both a good benefit package and affordable for their employees and families that often have to pay some of the cost for their dependent coverage.  we can assist you on plan designs and carriers that will best help you meet these two goals at a time when health insurance costs continue to go up every year.  We can look at many different carriers and look at the newer HSA’s (Health Savings Accounts) and HRA’s (Health Reimbursement Arrangements) to help give you the lower premiums and claimsdata to turn health insurance into a budgetable expense item rather than an uncontrollable rising cost that it is today for many of you.  Please call us so we can do what we call a “Financial Health Audit” on your existing health plan at no cost or obligation to you.

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